Baby food, always crying, how to do?

Baby indigestion stomach uncomfortable, will surely lead to crying, can give the baby stomach to eat probiotic gastrointestinal conditioning, can increase the baby's resistance. Baby food, is a bit uncomfortable, just don't eat, you can use the chicken to boil water to give the baby to drink. Can eliminate indigestion, usually to eat meals.

Is it better to add probiotics to your baby?

Do not take regularly for a long time, probiotics are to promote intestinal digestion, and maintain intestinal health, the baby's intestinal development is not perfect, but the appropriate feeding point, the baby itself intestinal tract has its own probiotic group

Baby 1 years old, want to change milk powder, before eating baby absorption is not good, there is no good absorption of milk, recommend what ah?

The choice for you must think clearly, do some research, my baby is drinking Hei Zhi, have not changed, I feel very good, Amway side bestie evaluation are good for everyone. If the milk is not suitable enough to be milk, but milk do not often change, you can choose a good recommendation, oh my baby Hei Zhi diamond, has been in use, the weight standard, do not get angry baby constipation, lit it, or to pay more attention to the treasure mother baby drink oh!